Virtual Mixer Helpful Tips

Please start JOIN your meeting at the scheduled time ONLY. Please Make sure that you check the TIME in the meeting invite.

All times in the invites are based on 24 Hour format – Example

16:00 CST (in 24 HR format) is 4:00 PM CST , which is 5:00 PM EST

18:00 CST (in 24 HR Format) is 6:00 PM CST , which is 7:00 PM EST

  • Do have the proper equipment, Phone on a stand or computer with good microphone/camera/speaker.
  • Dont wait until the meeting time to log in. Start 1 min early and wait
  • Do engage in some small talk. Share information about you and what you like and listen to other party as well.
  • Dont stand in front of a window or if there is bright light behind you, it will make everything look dark.
  • Do have a meeting agenda or key points you want to discuss.
  • Dont invite unnecessary people.
  • Do mute yourself when not talking.
  • Dont multitask or Walk around the house or outside during the meeting.
  • Don’t play any background music, keep distraction to minimum.
  • Do stay positive and maintain conversation flow