Hindu Youth Mixer T & C

  • This event is being organized to help Hindu singles find a match for the purposes of matrimony. You have to be registered and confirmed to be able to attend the event. Organizers have the right to refuse entry to the event

  • Please make sure your information such as first and last name is complete and accurate. Please do not use initials, provide your full First name and Last name

  • Make sure your age is correct; we will verify your Full Name and Age prior to the event. Please bring a photo ID to the event. We will not accept incomplete or inaccurate registration

  • We will serve light snacks and soft drinks during the event. We cannot entertain any specific food requests. Main purpose of the event is to provide a platform for Hindu singles to meet each other for matrimonial purposes

  • Dress smartly, make a good first impression. Business casual, smart casual dresses are recommended.

  • We do not guarantee and make any promises that you will meet someone of your likings during the event. However, this is a venue to meet more like-minded people who have come to meet other singles.

Our Social Mixer are private event and only registered and confirmed participants are allowed.