What should every Hindu Family do, 5 simple things to make Daily Impact

Every Hindu family living in India or abroad need to make some fundamental changes to how we do some simple day to day things. So that  Christian influence and its affects in the society are curtailed .


Morning Greeting: Every morning we wake up and greet other family members. What do you normally say “Good Morning” better option is to Say

“Ram Ram” or “Radhey Radhey” or ” Hare Krishna” start your day with Supreme lord’s name. It will have tremendous positive effect on your family


Daily Aarti:  We spend hours and hours doing lot of things for material gain . Spend 5-6 minute perform an Aaarti on daily basis . You dont need big preparation just an image a place to stand and do your Aarti. Best option perform Aarti with family. To further this encourage your family for devotion practice. Which is mainly to remember God through Satsang , Bhajan on regular basis. This is one of the most effective way to ensure young kids start following right track


Discard Foreign Culture: Hindus are specially prone to this phenomena. After mughal slavery, British Raj and Then Congress Raj Hindus in India have forgotten about our festivals and culture. Hindus now take more pride in celebrating Christmas then Krishn-Janmashtami , Hindus are happy with Valentine Day then “Guru Vandana”. Hindu family should not and CAN NOT blame this anymore to someone else. Hindu parents have to make sure they encourage these “Sanskars” in family.


Donate: As Hindu Majority of the time we do bargaining with God, Do this and I will do this. That is materialistic desire, and absolutely against everything Hindu. We have to donate for good causes on regular basis without asking a favor or something in return. Hindu family need to donate more often, find an occasion to donate to a worthy cause. You should be careful where you are giving money giving  support to wrong cause will have negative affect.


Be A Karma Yogi  : Hindus basic belief is Karma which means you are accountable for your actions. You have two path to follow Karma Sanyas or be a Karma Yogi . You should choose to become KarmYogi , which means you should perform your worldly duty and behaviour but keep you mind and intellect with Supreme Lord  Govind.









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