VISA fraud by Christian Missionaries

Government of India, is not enforcing existing Indian VISA rule for Foreign Nationals. It is allowing foreign religious , Missionaries into India  on Tourist VISA.

This problem is systemic Indian Consulate Offices and its assigned agents fail to ask and ascertain purpose of the  visit

Christian missionaries are advising Missionaries to lie on Indian VISA application. Here are few examples . In this screen shot

they are clearly saying that when going to Mission trip apply for Tourist VISA and not for “Missionary” VISA which is against

Indian Govt rules. They are also saying not to disclose right position, instead of saying “Pastor” write “Teacher” and abbreviate

Organization name somehow hide church’s name . Here is the actual link < They have removed this document after this post was published>

But we kept a copy of the Manual , which you can get from here Travel-Manual-February-2015


Here is another Christian Missionary , asking everyone to apply for “Tourist” Visa and mot Missionary VISA


Another example  where mission churches are asking to apply for Tourist VISA

Another Missionary advocating Tourist VISA for Mission Work in India



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  2. May 26, 2015

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