Simple Steps to STOP Hindu conversions

Conversions of Hindus to Christianity has been going on for 100s of years from the days of British Raj. Britishers came with very specific agenda. In reality as they started to fail in efforts US missionaries came to the rescue. Here are few specific things Government of India can do right now in 2015 to STOP 90% of conversions


Baptism happening in India

1- STOP Foreign funding

  • Christian Missionaries need funds money  to operate and convert. STOP all funding of NGOS if they can not produce auditable proof that the money they get is only used for better of society and NOT for conversion or Inducement. Majority of the Xtian organisations work as social groups and get huge funds
  • Make all funding resources of foreign organizations public and open as per FCRA guidelines. If there is any issue found ban that organizations

As Common Man- If you see any organization doing dubious missionary work ask for a report from GOI under RTI . Government will provide all information to your home, but you have to take first step

2- Enforce VISA rules – Missionary VISA rule to India 

  • Foreign Missionary play a major role in the conversion process. They provide money, connections and other resources to local pastor AND they come to India regularly to convert Hindu.  If we have to make a noticeable dent
  • 99% of Christian Missionaries come to India on Tourist VISA. They dont follow VISA guidelines; doing Mission work on Tourist VISA is illegal as per current law they need very specifci Missionary VISA.  We have to enforce this rule by doing few things Ask for written declaration “purpose of Visit” if anyone wrongly states purpose of visit, punish them to full extent of law. They can be jailed  directly from airport for 3 years with no bail.
  • Advise every foreign consulate office that this information is displayed in all offices. We have hundreds of foreign affairs offices and if only handful of offices start doing their job this problem will be reduced drastically

Common Man – Every Citizen in India has right to check VISA status of a foreigner or get police assistance. If you see a foreigner doing Missionary Work Challenge them without any violence ask them to show VISA and passport, if they refuse file a police complaint. Record police complaint through social media if possible

3- Enforce Informed Consent rule for Change of Religion

If someone want to change his/her faith let them do it through “informed consent” by asking them to sign paper in front of SDM. This is not new rule, as per the central gazette this is required by law. An attestation is required for minor changes such as change in name, or status why not for change in religion. If the change of faith is being done without fear, greed or inducement there should not be any problem in signing a paper and make it official

Common Man – If you see a conversion happening and the reason for conversion is money, gifts, Food or any other promise such as promise of Job, free education etc. You can lodge a formal complaint with SDM

4-  Ban Fake Medical Camps

Every medical camp run by any NGO group need to have approval of  district. They need to ensure that medical service is without any inducement with no religious signs or biases

5- Christian Missionaries schools should not be allowed to FORCE non-christian students to follow christian practices.

This alone is a major cause through conversion activities take place, young Hindu boys and girls are told to follow Christian prayers and rituals and Hindu festivals are  banned or are not celebrated in schools. Hindu parents who have developed a fancy for “Convent School” and “English Medium School” fall into this trap. Slowly young child who see this dichotomy on daily basis start to  get confused abut everything. When the foundation of his or her faith is shaken by School. They become prone to conversion

It is important to note that all these schools get tax free status, they pay no property tax

Baptism Service in Gaya Dist Aug 2014






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