Should you be afraid of God?


Many religions and faiths in the world put lot of emphasis on the fear and curse of God almighty. They try to create a portrait of God , who have to be feared. But is this really the right thing to do ?

Vedic tradition, or Hinduism does not want you to be fearful of God. In Vedas God is defined as all loving and blissful. God does not have materialistic properties, God manifested this world through his “Maya” which is His power, but He is above this. Fear on the other hand is an emotion which has no place in divine world, so why should a living being be afraid of God

God is defined as pure and ultimate bliss “Anand”, God is defined as Sachidanand  which is “Sat” “Chit” and “Anand” , the ultimate power of God is pure bliss. This is the form which is most loving, a pure unconditional love of soul to his creator Supereme lord “Shree Krishna”. You can only love supreme lord, and should not be afraid. But you should always always consider him next to you.

You should always firmly belief that he is watching you , and taking note of your “intentions” or your (sankalaps in hinduism). Krishna, the superme lord is always there  for you , you can ignore him but he will never ignore you..


so who should you be afraid of?