Make Small Changes in your life

meerabai temple1Make these small changes in your life and you will see the positive impact in your life.

1- Change the way you greet and meet people

Instead of Good morning say “Ram Ram” or “Hare Krishna” or “Radhey Radhey” to your family and neighbors.  This way you will bring in positive Karma in your life.  This is specially good for Children when they start the day with God’s Name they will follow right path.


2- Make regular donation to Hindu Charity of your choice

you have to make sure that you do this regularly and not once in a while. Putting 10/20 Rs in Mandir is not donation, it has to be decent  amount. If you are making 1 Lakh per month you can easily give 1000 to 2000 per month.  Start with a smaller amount 1000 Rs and increase as you start to earn more. You have to make sure that charity is good and well established. Check the work they are doing, it is very important that your money goes to good Hindu cause


3 – Support other Hindus in Good Cause

Community support is big factor When you are living in community where you have many other religion and faith, you will notice Muslims support Muslims and Christians support Christians, but  Hindus do not support Hindu specially when it comes to religious matter.  they get divided by Sampardaya or some other baseless division. Support your community in good Hindu causes


4- Teach your Children Hindu Scriptures

Many Hindu parents put too much focus on academics studies which will get your kid a job, but he will have no education about Hinduism and his roots. He will grow up to become a confused person he will not have clear under standing of even the basic concepts about Sanatan Dharma.   Majority of Hindu parents ignore Hindu teachings for several reasons

1- Most likely they themselves have no clue and have grown up without any real Vedic education

2- They always question, and see everything from the eyes of materialistic gain. Even in the area of spirituality and devotion towards God, they look for personal benefits

3- They only focus on Karm Kand side of Hinduism and not Gyan , Yog or Bhakti (Devotion)





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