Hindu Students going to Faith Based schools, Challenges

Many Hindus Students who go to Christian or other similar  faith based schools face tremendous psychological pressure, either directly or indirectly . These psychological pressures are sometime very hard for young minds, but if you are in minority and you are an Hindus, these pressure can be very significant. There are many reasons Hindu students in US or in Europe go to these christian or “faith” based schools.

Scholarship: Some of these colleges might give you higher scholarship, that means lower out of pocket cost. Because these Christian schools are funded with very very deep pockets, they have no problem giving out money to deserving students. And, if you are from “another” faith who has not “good news” you are more than welcome to these schools

Specialization:   Although many of these schools are heavily focused on Christian values and “Christianity” and “religious philosophy”  might be a big favorite among incoming students. Some of these schools may also offer  specific business oriented or professional services based program for undergrads. These program can range from pre-med , engineering, architecture etc. Hindus students are easily drawn into these programs, because Hinduism strongly believe is knowledge based therefore education is always considered very high.


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