Fear based Conversion

Lot of people wonder How does fear based conversion happen in India?  I was also confused with this question. How someone can be fearful and then convert to another faith until I met one couple from Nellore they gave me details account of  how they were converted from Hindu to Christian in matter of 10 weeks solely based on fear.

In August 2012 this couple , I would call them Ram and Rajni  met a local Christian pastor in nearby town, they were invited to a christian prayer festival. Ram was suffering from a headache for many years and this pastor told them that they can come and see how people are getting cured. It was a weekend event and the town was not too far so they went to see what is happening. As usual there were several plants in the group. When pastor started the prayer they will come up and claim that they have been cured by Yeshu (Jesus).




This whole process continued for more than 2 hours after lot of show and drama. Pastor came down and started to touch people giving the “special” blessing through which they will be healed.  Pastror approached, Ram and Rajni and touched them ,Hindus are very respectful to other out of respect they also bowed their heads and did nothing. Pastor gave them a small plastic bottle with so called “magic oil” and asked them to use it for headache.

In few days Pastor came by again to Nellore and met them at their house asking them have they used oil. Ram responded yes but there was no difference to the headaches Pastor proceeded and gave them a small cross  and a bible. Pastor told them to make sure that they pray to bible in the morning . This way all health issues will go away. He also told them that Yeshu Devata is very strong and can do anything, good and bad.



Few weeks passed by and nothing happened.  Ram who was devout Hindu took the bible and they  went back to pastor telling him nothing has worked. As soon as Pastor saw Ram and Rajni returning with bible he became furious and very angry, telling Ram that somehow Ram  has insulted Yeshu Devata  and they have to pay a heavy price. Rajni became very scared and she took the bible back home fearing worst outcome. Now Pastor will visit them every week asking them to pray harder to Yeshu.  Pastor also told them to remove all other Hindu images from the house. He told them that these are demons and part of the Satan team and only Yeshu can save them. Now the husband and wife were really scared and did not want to offend Yeshu Devata.  They were almost in mental siege by  this pastor. Ram and Rajni were very poor and were very afraid that if Yeshu Devata will become angry they will loose everything.

In 4 weeks pastor gave them more oil and asked them to come to baptism service to a nearby pond.  Telling them that only way this illness of Ram can be cured is by accepting Yeshu in the water.  Once they went into water and pastor recited few things in English they took the dip they were branded as christian. They had no idea what happened to them. But pastor made them very clear that if they go back to being Hindu , they will be punished by Yeshu Devata



Ram still has headache and this couple have no idea what happened but now they are christian.



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