common arguments Western missionaries use to Convert Hindus to Christianity

for more than two centuries christian missionaries have made their “mission” to convert Hindu population in India to Christianity. There are many ways it is done, however every Hindu should be aware of these  tactics, majority of them are based on exploitation and wrong information
Hindus are normally told that a miracle will happen, and they will get rich or their illness will go away

 Response- This is a false promise, no miracle happens nothing happens. This is a sure way to get people lured into Christianity.

Hindus are told Jesus is some form of deity , similar to any other deity in Hinduism and Jesus has special power.

Response –  Again this is a fallacy, he might have been a learned person who existed as a mortal man on this earth 2000 years ago, however his elevation to divinity is very much questioned  by Christian scholar

Christian missionaries will depict negative image of Hindu, by portraying Hinduism as “religion”  of uneducated people who don’t really understand “power” of God and have not received the “good” message .

Here is the message for all these converts, Sanatan Vedic  Dharma  meaning is that it is eternal, because God is eternal, our Soul is eternal and our relationship with Supreme Personality ” Krishna” is eternal.  We respect other path, but do not come and tell a Hindu that you have not got the “good” message. Our devotion and love towards God is eternal, and nobody need to tell us any other message.

A very very common and frequent argument against Hinduism is that it has many Gods

Sanatan Vedic Dharma believe in supreme personality, and we don’t limit the God in any shape and form. The deep understanding and the details through which God is described is simply amazing.  Hindus believe in one Supreme Personality, and he descended on this earth in the form of “Krishna” . All other deity are just the form of celestial powers, and “Krishna” is the supreme authority.  Ti understand this better, we have to understand that God is not a shapeless or formless entity. God has limit less power, limitless “avatars”. By imposing a limit created by human mind , and trying to define God in a human terms is simple wrong.