Christmas in Indian School

Christmas has become a big festival in India , Why ? Millions of school going kids are taught this lessons that it is ok to celebrate Christmas.  However nobody is asking why Hindu festivals, Sikh Festivals are not celebrated in Schools?

Is this a Indication that Indian Society has deteriorated, so much that they cant understand what is right and what is wrong ?


In almost every  Indian school, specially those which are trying to become more western so that they can “appear” to be more hip and modern, celebrating Christmas has become a “fashion” . Young tots dressed as Santa clause are always forced to participate  in this festival, which has no Indian roots.

It is also very sad to note that even Western Schools do not celebrate Christmas in Schools 











This blind following  requires some serious discussions

1- Why Indian parents specially Hindu parents  are ignoring this ?

2- Our next generation is going to be even more confused about the identity of Hinduism, when  majority of Hindus are  supporting a culture and faith which is not only alien , but it is contradictory to Hindu values

3- Who should be held responsible, media ? Parents ? or Children? or is this something which is  result of Hindu apathy for more than 300 years when missionary arrived on Indian shores and established schools

4- Why we don’t have schools  in name of Hindu leaders and saints? Why every other schools is run by Christian nuns?