Christian Vs Hindu View

QuestionsChristian ViewHindu View
Do you believe in One GODYesYes
Definition of GodVery loose definition Very detailed description based on Vedas, Scriptures and Smritis
Relationship with GodRestricted , generally referred as Master and Servant. Limitless, because of personal and impersonal form of God. It is not restricted purely based on devotion and love. God is perceived as Lord, Friend, Master, Son/Daughter, Father/Mother ....
Do you fear GodYes, Fear based No, Love based
God is defined as Pure bliss or "Anand"
Sin, how is it perceived By definition every one is born sinner and have to repentBy definition everyone is Divine. Sin is not "Paap" Based on your Karma you get results
Ultimate Goal Go to heavenAchieve God through his Grace and by doing selfless devotion. Your good Karma may take you to heaven for some time and then you are reborn. If you follow path of "Nirakar" you will get Moksha
What is SoulSoul is part of Human PsychologySoul is not the correct translation (Jeev Atma) is part of divine supreme being which is Param-Atma. Soul is eternal and can never die
What is LifeLife is biological term, human born and die through biological cycle Hinduism define life as "Chetana" a Human body is "Chetan" till it has "Jeev-Atma" if Atma is gone it is called "Jad" or lifeless
What is KarmaDont believe in KarmaGod has given you freewill and because of Human "Man-Buddhi" every one can do three type of Karma. You are responsible for our actions
What is start date of your faith?Approx 2000 years ago after Jesus"Sanatan Dharam" no start date no end date - God is eternal , souls are eternal and their relationship is eternal
Who started JesusEvery Maha Pralaya Cycle , God is manifested through Knowledge, wisdom and pure bliss of Vedas
How do you adopt this faithBaptismStart Devotion to God and start living your life as Hindu. your believe in God makes you Hindu
Does your Faith offers flexibility? Somewhat, not whole lot. You have to follow old/new testament Extremely flexible, in how do you do devotion, pray and increase your love towards God
Do you believe in MayaNOMaya is "Apara Shakti" or power of God , through which everything is created



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